Lab Exercise 20-24
Identification of Unknowns

The purpose of the exercise is to use the techniques and tests we studied to identify your unknown organisms.

Each students will receive two unknown organisms in broth culture. The first step will be to streak a plate for isolated colonies.

The gram stain, as we discussed, is an important identification tool in microbiology. Therefore, this will be an important step in your procedure. Gram reaction and cell morphology will then determine which media and biochemical tests you need to do to identify each organism. Colony morphology should be noted and considered as well. Media will be available for the different test which we have been studying. LINK TO UNKNOWN CHART.

In your lab report for this exercise, you need to explain your strategy for testing the organism and why each test was used, as well as reporting the results. You will be graded on your understanding and choice/sequence of experiments, as well as on the proper answer for the culture.

Organisms included in this experiment will be discussed in laboratory.

Your will have several lab periods (two weeks) in which to complete this exercise. Also, the lab will be accessible outside of class time in order for you to come in and read your culture test results.

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